Art Therapy


Art Therapy

Art therapy is born from the art, associated with psychological, medical and psychiatric studies.

Indeed, since the late nineteenth century, artists and various doctors were interested in creations (drawings or paintings) of mental patients in psychiatric asylums. The surrealist movement considered that these works were an “art brut”, belonging to no artistic movement and obeying no rule of Art. These creations expressing just the feelings and emotions of the author, the therapist can extract symbolism and metaphor.

Thus, the ART THERAPY goes by his methods and his structure get an individual to a psychological and physical wellness.

The different mediations used in Art Therapy

Photo and/or Video

Work on conscious and unconscious zooms in order to expose your own perception of yourself and the world.


The theater is prescribed as a derivative so that the person can get out of his apathy and his withdrawal to the outside and inside world.

Art therapy is for the theater the expression of a mask that must be unveiled.


The clown is prescribed as a derivative, so that the person can reveal his true “me”, that she tries to hide behind the humor and her makeup.


The mere touching, feeling, can help a subject to refocus, to reconnect with his body, with his movements. All the senses are in turmoil, the supremacy of inner thoughts is minimized to favor the notion of instinct.


The collage consists in drawing, at random from the emotions, in the reality of everyday life. We break down, recompose the fabric of reality by transforming it.

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Music is frequently used as a mediation, it is called music therapy and those who practice it are called music therapists …

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Guided by the therapist or in free expression, the writing will be a tool which will allow to channel all the old or current emotions …

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Dance or body language

The body records sensations that escape our consciousness. The expressiveness of the body reveals the secrets of the past …

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The mask is prescribed as a derivative so that the person can thus reveal the successive characters that compose itself and no longer hide behind the masks it uses …

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The Puppets

The puppets are prescribed as a derivative so that the person can dissociate himself and interpret his own role accompanied by fictional characters and/or real.

The Painting

This expressive universe is not reserved for the child, but on the contrary is a wonderful testimony of freedom.
(Ex: Your finger, paint and go! … Nothing complicated, no wait if it is not the expression of oneself and of what torments us) …

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