Magnetism or Healing Touch


This Ancient knowledge has been passed from generation to generation and despite the scientific obscurantism, he stayed alive as an ember in the ashes.

Our ancients knew and because of their knowledge, we can access today to this updated knowledge, with the latest discoveries of quantum science. The true science and the ancient knowledge are finally united, allowing this updating.

The magnetism or healing touch is the culmination of several years of research and practice, in the art of healing. Thanks to him finally wakes up this rich energy crop.

From the depths of time, this knowledge has founded the Druidic science, then transmitted to cathedral builders, to reach us, humble healers. It was high time to reclaim this knowledge and update it to make it accessible to our contemporaries.

Here, finally came the time of lights…

The solution for ?

Why ?

The magnetism or healing touch is a complete healing technique that has been designed to be associated with all medicines. It does not exist at the time known some incompatibilities with other therapies.

Because sometimes, we have tried everything and nothing has worked, you turned yourself to a therapist. “Healing touch” or magnetism may not work, we do not know why, but on the other hand he never aggravate the situation. Then, of course you have people for and people against. Everything is respectable. But why not make your own opinion and try for yourself?

It is important to have a support that strengthens the prescriptions of a medical team or a general practitioner.

The magnetism or healing touch is a holistic technique (which takes into account the whole person: his physical, mental, emotional, family, social, cultural, spiritual). This is a non-intrusive technique (the hypnotist intervenes or not ingests in a private area of the customer, without having the right) and non-aggressive, which treats both physical, and emotional.