The Transactional analysis


Transactional analysis is a practical study of personality functioning. Not only internal, but also through relationships with others.

“What happens between a hello and a goodbye is a specific theory of personality and group dynamics, which is also a therapeutic method, known as Transactional Analysis.” Éric Berne

Éric Berne developed this theory in the 1950s. Since then, it has not ceased to be validated, supplemented, enriched by great professionals.

Although created by a psychiatrist, it quickly became apparent that his field of application, was not reducible to the field of psychotherapy.

I would say that its modernity, its ease of application, its relevance, its originality, make it today one of the most appreciated and applied theories in all the professions of the aid relationship.

For Who ?

It is addressed to anyone who has difficulty expressing themselves, with others, in front of others.

Anyone who aspires to a change of life and who does not dare to launch or who does not yet have an objective.

How ?

Learning to analyze and move forward by setting challenges.